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Our Mission:

Curiosity serves as the cornerstone for achieving positive outcomes, encompassing not only health but success in every aspect of life. It distinguishes between those striving and those thriving. Our mission is to empower you to harness the power of curiosity, enabling you to master life and embark on a path of discovery towards fulfilment and success.

This is for you if you want...

Curiosity for stress, anxiety, depressed, overwhelmed, burnout, mental health, limiting beliefs to success, happiness, peace of mind

Peace of Mind

Remain calm and TAKE CONTROL.

Free your mind and move towards positivity and your goals with ease.

This is your greatest intervention and coping mechanism that enables you to navigate life.


Happiness requires an internal measurement that helps you determine and recognise more of what makes you happy. When you get this right you will change ALL life experiences for the better.

Positive health

Live a better quality, longer life, potentially even reverse ageing. This way of thinking has been proven to reduce stress, and even prevent health risks like heart attack, stroke, dementia.

Competitive Edge

Unlock your imagination, creative and innovative thinking.

Open your mind to become more resourceful and create more opportunities in your life.

Giving you THE competitive edge.

Curiosity for stress, anxiety, depressed, overwhelmed, burnout, mental health, limiting beliefs to success, happiness, peace of mind


Einstein capitalised on this amazing secret skill that improves all intelligences (IQ & EQ & creativity). Also strengthens mental agility for critical thinking to navigate challenges more effectively.

Find Purpose

Jeff Bezo says, success comes easy with purpose. Yet, meaning and purpose are two of life's most allusive attainments that very few accomplish. But this NEW way of thinking, opens the pathway towards your highest purpose.

and ultimately if you want to...

Connect Better

Create better, more authentic, trusting, respectful and loving connections with your ultimate relationship builder. And cut through awkward moments with this effective softener.

Stay Present

Become more mindful, focused, and remain present is where your true power lies and where you can unlock flow. Awaken your consciousness and live more harmoniously from within.

Curiosity for stress, anxiety, depressed, overwhelmed, burnout, mental health, limiting beliefs to success, happiness, peace of mind
Curiosity for stress, anxiety, depressed, overwhelmed, burnout, mental health, limiting beliefs to success, happiness, peace of mind


This is your #1 Success Trait!

This way of thinking unlocks every skill required for Success and Achievement.

Master this skill and you will achieve all your desires and more.

Profound Awareness

Develop a better understanding, appreciation and acceptance for the majesty of everything and everyone. Realise your highest potential that transcends self-actualisation into total transcendence.


The highest level of self-development and mastery enables you to ride the waves of life with grace and strength enough to welcome challenges with flexibly and resilience.

Curiosity for stress, anxiety, depressed, overwhelmed, burnout, mental health, limiting beliefs to success, happiness, peace of mind


Choose to live in a beautiful state of excitement, wonderment, discovery and exploration shifts you into positive energy. Live life with more fun, motivation, and vitality.

Don't just take our word for it...

What do you want?


Learn to Mastery life effectively

If you find yourself struggling to:

  • Gain clarity and take control due to feelings of stress, worry, overwhelm, depression, anxiety, or nearing burnout.

  • Achieve results despite your best efforts.

  • Overcome procrastination or imposter syndrome to initiate action.

  • Foster meaningful connections, leaving you feeling isolated or lonely.

  • Enhance health and wellbeing, resorting to ignoring or masking negative symptoms as your default coping mechanism.

  • Find happiness and Purpose


A 7-step Stress Management and Problem Solving framework that swiftly navigates you out of negativity and into control and discovery, towards achievement and self-mastery, transforming challenges into opportunities.

For those seeking the secret to High Performance:

Learn how to:

  • Unlock your creative genius at will

  • Think like 0.5% of the world's highest achievers

  • Unlock ALL intelligences including Intuition

  • Bridge consciousness where all possibilities exist

  • Gain the secret and competitive edge in business and life.

Advanced course to

Unlock Creative and Super-Conscious Genius

Additional Courses

The SCIENCE of thinking = The True ART of living

Inspirational Meditation Audio Lounge

14 Day Negativity Energy Detox

The questions you ask will change your life


7 Day Prosperity Challenge

5 Day Alignment Challenge

35 Super-powered questions

There are NO failures, only delayed results!


Resources that rewires effective thinking.

  • Bit-sized learning videos for busy people.

  • Motivation audios to keep you on track.

  • Inspirational messages keep you motivated.

  • Progress Actions embed powerful processes to excel.

  • Choose your learning style: Do-it-yourself learning, group coaching or 1-to-1 Mentoring.

  • Join Melinda's inner circle.

  • Access to an ever expanding library of resources, programs, audios, workbooks, recordings, meditations. and everything you need to move forward.



The Audio Lounge offers a variety of inspiring, motivational and rewiring audios to compound learning.

PLUS NEW and unique Gratefeelizations and ASKfirmations to turbo-charge your journey.

Listen any time you need support.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques.

Calms, rejuvenates, energizes.

Realigns your mind, heart, body, spirit and energy.

BONUS - Learn how to create your own.


the science of thinking

that unlocks the true ART of living

Your Competitive Advantage

If you want to become happier, healthier, smarter, more innovative, creative, successful, mindful, resilient, lucky, purposeful, whilst bypassing limiting beliefs to shift you into freedom of the mind towards your dreams...

Then you need to get curious!

What's Your CQ?

Curiosity is more than just questioning. The latest research shows your Curiosity Quotient (CQ - meaning how curious you are) now proves more important than IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and EI (Emotional Intelligence) combined! Why? Because it’s the catalyst for both and so much more.

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is grand but achievable; to set humanity free from negative thinking that leads to profound unhappiness, serious health issues, and poor performance in all areas of life. This might seem insurmountable, but once you understand what curiosity offers, you will realise this vision is entirely realistic!

Curious You hopes to educate and ignite world citizens of their Curious Advantage. Your greatest weapon for positive mental health and your greatest SUPERPOWER!

An exceptional life starts with just one question...

Are you curious?


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