You Can Rent Gear in Kingston?!

Did you know CuriousYou rents out its gear at both professional and student rates?

Well we do!

Lights, Cameras… Provide the action yourself!

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When I shot my first short film in Kingston I had to go all the way to Ottawa to get a C-Stand. Ugh! And while the companies in Ottawa were great and did a lot for us, our goals would have been so much more attainable if we were renting here in Kingston.

That’s why, when I expanded the gear for my videography business and production company, I made it available to rent at reasonable rates. Now you can add that edge to your production value with a crane, or a slider or even just nicer prime lenses without having to make the 2 hours trek to Ottawa.

Take a look at our rentals, maybe you will see something you need!

LESSONS LEARNED: What if we don’t have a piece of gear you want to rent? Ask! Sometimes we can make something available that otherwise wouldn’t have been. Or maybe we have had multiple requests for that item and you asking is the tipping point for us adding it to our inventory. You never know unless you ask.