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Festivals, new product launches, weddings, music videos… we could go on, but it would be more fun if you see for yourself.

Portfolio of client work

Justin Bird: No Pleasin’ You

// music video (2016)

Music video for the new single No Pleasin' You. Client: Justin Bird

Kyra and Tully: Journey Home

// music video (2016)

A music video for the group Kyra & Tully. Client: Kyra & Tully

The South East LHIN presents: a case for an Older Adult Strategy

// educational (2016)

The South East LHIN outlines the need for an Older Adult Strategy. Client: South East LHIN

Debbie Goulding: Make-Up Artist

// promotional (2016)

A look at the make-up artist Debbie Goulding as she gives makeovers to three different women. Client: Debbie Goulding

Art with Aida: Making Marks

// artist's profile/ mini documentary (2016)

A profile on Aida Sulcs and her approach to teaching art. Client: Aida Sulcs

Jamie & Janis for Quarry Medical

// testimonial (2016)

A testimonial from Jamie and Janis about their positive experience with Quarry Medical. Client: Quarry Medical

Queens CRI: Why are you you passionate?

// promotional (2016)

A series of videos highlighting why the Queens Cancer Research Institute is a great program. Client: CRI

Kingston WritersFest presents: Young Stalin

// promotional (2016)

A series of three videos remixing books featured at the 2016 Kingston WritersFest to tell a new story about Joseph Stalin as a twelve year old. Client: Kingston WritersFest

Don Wyld talks about…

// commercial (2016)

A series of commercials for Don Wyld the Kingston Realtor. Client: Don Wyld

Ghost Finders of the Greater Kingston Area

// mockumentary (2015)

Ghost story told in mockumentary style mimicking the hit show Ghost Hunters. Client: Theatre Kingston

Red House West Meets The Glorious Sons

// event (2015)

Behind the scenes look the Red House West opening party with The Glorious Sons playing. Client: Red House

Kick & Push Arts Festival

// trailer (2015)

Promotional trailer for the 2015 Kick & Push Arts Festival. Client: Kick & Push

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