Telling stories is
what we do best.

In addition to producing high quality videos for our clients, we also make time to produce our own films.

CuriousYou has been filming, directing, and producing feature-length and short films for over five years. These pieces have been award-recipients from such groups as the Kingston Canadian Film Festival and seen national distribution.

Curious You Productions


A dark coming of age story set in rural Ontario, Fault follows two girls entering an adult world for which neither is prepared.

Digging up Plato

Ziggy is ready for an adventure, Tuck is not. This does not deter Zoe as she leads her best friend on a mission to do the worst thing either twelve-year-old could possibly imagine.

Pretty Pieces

A story of two people who desperately crave what the other cannot give, Pretty Pieces, shows the lengths to which people will go to survive.

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