My Beginning with a Panasonic MiniDV Palmcorder

When I was fifteen years old I was left some money by my grandpa. a big chunk went into savings for school, but what was left was mine to do with as I saw fit.


I narrowed it down to two options…

1. a kayak (I had recently been to a class trip at Gould Lake and thought kayaking was pretty amazing).

2. a video camera

After much debate, I remembered that I wasn’t (and still am not) an outdoorsy person… at all.

The camera won!

And I am can say with complete confidence that I made the right choice.

For the next four years this camera became an extension of my arm. It came with me to friends houses, family gathers, and parties, making the awkward years of life (my teen years) also the most documented.

My camera stopped working ten years ago, althought out of nostalgia I still have it in my office. The footage I spent hundreds of hours is collecting dust having not been viewed in years.

But when my camera died my passion did not.

I have made video my life’s work.

Thanks Grandpa for leaving me the means to pick an incredible path in life.


LESSONS LEARNED: Remember who you really are when making those big decisions in life. Don’t get too caught up in the moment or you might miss your calling.