CuriousYou and me: Leigh Ann


After a year long program at the Vancouver Film School in Film Production, I returned to my hometown of Kingston, Ontario. Why? The truth… I ran out of money. Now, five years later the bigger question is why did I stay in Kingston?


This is a budding film community full of positivity and potential.

I have built my videography business here, CuriousYou Productions, in Kingston, shooting more than 50 promotional videos, commercials and arts videos.

I have built my production company here in Kingston, producing three short films, including:

  • Peculiar Mrs. Perkins (2010)
  • Pretty Pieces (2011)
  • Digging Up Plato (2014)

Movies Blog

stills from L to R (Peculiar Mrs. Perkins, Digging Up Plato, Pretty Pieces)

as well as the feature film

cropped s16

And I am starting work on the next one.

It is my mission to produce and aid the production of quality videos and films in Kingston.

LESSONS LEARNED: It doesn’t matter where people think you should be. What matters is that you can do what you want wherever you are.