CuriousYou: stepping towards 4K footage

Last year I received a grant from Nan Yeoman’s Foundation to put towards a new camera. What an incredible opportunity. I went into the grant application with a particular camera in mind and by the time I received the grant money I had no idea what I wanted anymore. As new cameras seemed to be coming out every day and prices were getting lower all the time I was delayed by the fear of the wrong choice. I finally decided the Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4K camera was the one for me. Right price, right resolution, and super slick looking, at least compared the little DSLRs to which I have become accustomed.

The only trouble with this decision is that these cameras were not yet being sold! But word finally came, the camera was coming. On Wednesday morning when the doorbell rang I ran to answer, knowing that it was here! It felt like Christmas all over again.

So, here it is folks. Not the pretties picture, I admit, but in my excitement I didn’t take the time to grab a camera more sophisticated than my iPhone to document the moment.

black magic downsized III

(Can you find me in this picture?)

I am now just waiting for the media to arrive so I can start taking some test shots. But in the not too distant future this camera will be ready to go and CuriousYou will be ready take its first step into the exciting world of 4K footage.

To learn more about this camera check out the Blackmagic Design Site. If you do check it out, and you are wondering, the camera does not come with the cinematographer who one best hair in high school, nor does it come with high priced viewfinder. But hey, you win some you lose some.

Also check out DaVinci Resolve. More on this in my next blog!